Abstract from the Minute Book of the
Carrick-on-Shannon Parochial Hall Building Fund
Established 4th November 1884.

• Original Committee consisted of Ladies who were represented by Gentlemen in the actual meetings.
• First meeting held on the 4th November in the Court House.
• Account opened in the Provincial Bank (now National Irish Bank), and all kind friends who had collected funds or who may collect funds were requested to lodge their several amounts with as little delay to said account.
• Chairman of the Building Fund Committee was Rev. S. H. Lewis, and Secretary was Mr. Henry S. Darly.
• After conferring with Mr. & Mrs. C.C.B. Whyte, it was agreed to endeavour to procure a suitable site for the Parochial Hall.
• In October 1885, the Methodist Committee of Management offered to sell its existing house in Carrick to the Parochial Hall Committee, but this offer was rejected with thanks when it was voted to seek a site on which to build a new structure.
• In July 1886, Mrs. C.C.B. Whyte granted a 900 year lease at a nominal rent at the corner end of the Pleasure Grounds adjoining the Bank (now National Irish Bank), and this was unanimously accepted. The lease would rest with the Select Vestry of Carrick-on-Shannon Church. However the owners of the Estate would be at liberty at any time in the future to re-take possession of the site if, as approved by the Vestry, they would agree at their own expense to build another Hall or, again as approved by the Vestry, to repay the sums expended for the present building. In addition, Mrs. Whyte was to have the right to approve the Plans of the Parochial Hall. The motion was unanimously passed.
• In August 1886, a cheque in the amount of £65 was drawn as the 1st instalment on the building contract, which had been awarded to Mr. Roger Threlfall.
• In October 1886, the Working Sub-Committee was of the opinion that the Contractor was entitled to the 2nd instalment of £65 and a cheque was drawn to this effect.
• In December 1886, the Rev. W.R. Moore was elected to replace Rev. Lewis who had resigned. Rev. Moore served as Chair of the Committee. The Church Representative Body declined to take on the lease of the Hall unless it had the management of it, and the matter was left unresolved. The contractor applied for his 3rd instalment of £65 (£20 of which had already been paid) and he was deemed to be entitled to the balance of £45 and it was issued. It was noted that an additional sum of £14. 9.) had been lodged into the account, with the result that the balance in the account was £1.5.2.
• In the meeting of the 15th July 1887, it was resolved that the Hall be renamed “The Victoria Parochial Hall” in commemoration of the Jubilee of Queen Victoria. The motion was passed with one dissenting vote by Mr. David Brown. It was also resolved that a sign bearing the inscription “Victoria Parochial Hall 1887” be erected on the structure, with Mr. Brown being the only dissenting vote. A motion that the Sub-Committee be at liberty to overdraw the Bank account to the amount of £60 in further completion of the building was passed unanimously. The contractor was paid the 4th instalment of £65, and his contract was considered finished, with the total of £260 having been paid to him. The Sub-Committee was now to carry forward with arrangements for painting and other works within the building.
• The minutes of 10th October 1887 show that there was £50.1.5. due to the Provincial Bank on account, and that the keys of the Victoria Parochial Hall were handed over to the Vestry. The abstract of the Statement of Account for building the Hall was:

Contracts for building of Hall, 100 carts, painting, £319.15.0
doors, railings and gate.
Additional payments to Contractor. £51.0.0
Due to the Provincial Bank. £50.1.5
Due on other accounts £22.14.0

(Total costs amounting to approx. £443.10.5)

Resolutions were passed thanking the Hon. Secretary Captain Darly for the efficient manner in which he conducted the proceedings in the building of the Victoria Parochial Hall, as well as to Mr. Faris for his kindness in volunteering to carry out to a satisfactory termination all the legal matters connected with the Lease of the Victoria Parochial Hall, and to Mr. Ottley, C.E. for his valuable report on the building.

(signed) Wm. R. Moore, Chairman
10th October1887

The Hall was used by St. George’s Badminton Club until the 1950s.
Some years later it was rented to the V.E.C.

(The Minute Book from which the foregoing is abstracted
was kindly provided by Mr. Arthur Laird.)

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